Pre-Arrangement FAQ’s

Can I make my own arrangements now?

Today, so many people are making their own funeral plans in advance. Plans that reflect your own personal wishes and show family that you care enough to spare them all of the decision making.

Will pre-planning protect pricing inflation?

Yes! Funeral costs will increase in the future. Arrangements paid now are protected against rising costs.

What will my arrangements include?

Funeral planning can include:
• The services of the Funeral Director

• Transportation Services

• Embalming

• Facilities for visitation time

• The Funeral Service

• Facilities for a reception following

• A Casket or an Urn

• Burial or Cremation

There are many decisions to be made. By planning today you can give full attention to all of the possibilities.

How will I pay?

We offer financial flexibility from monthly payments to fully paid funeral plans. Your Funeral Director can customize a plan to suit your budget.

How do I make my funeral plans?

A simple phone call to the Van Heck Funeral Home is all it takes to start your arrangements. Alex will be happy to set-up an appointment where you can get together at the Funeral Home, or in the comfort of your own home. Please have your SIN card and birth certificate available.