Stephen Pullin

Stephen Charles Pullin (born Peter Christopher Turcott) on the 30th of April, 1953 died February 2022 in Glencoe, Ontario. He was not alone. He had his beloved cat Seamus by his side. Stephen Charles was born at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Gordon Charles Pullin and Dorothy Louise Pullin. He is survived by his daughter Amber Dawn Pullin (son-in-law Jon) and his adopted sister Susan Jennifer Whitters (husband Jim and nephew, Ian). Steve was the crotchety old coot and Laurel Winship was the vivacious sidekick. He was Poppy Steve to Olivia and Ian, children of Donna and Noel McCahon. Laurel’s son Adam captured the October 2021 image of Steve walking beside his cat Seamus. In May 2021, he was preceded in passing by his closest birth brother Michael Turcott (Savage) who was born in 1954. Stephen Charles (Peter Christopher) was able to reconnect with birth family in 2015. From Dad’s online journal, when hearing about the loss of birth relatives, he wrote: “Your loss is felt by myself as I have lost my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and my daughter Jennifer Gwen, Amber Dawn Pullin’s twin sister who passed away October 06 1978.” He was married to Linda Leis (Dennis) for a few years and briefly, Cathy (Wilson), who birthed his twin daughters. By trade, Stephen Charles Pullin was an Industrial Millwright. He’d call himself a journeyman, “jack of all trades, master of none.” Some may remember him from the years of 1978 to 1991 when he worked at Essex Wire in St. Thomas, Ontario where he owned a home on Edward Street. Others may know him from his years at the factory in Glencoe, Ontario where for a time, he owned a house on Currie Street. Stevie was a Postie once – a Letter Carrier in 1975 – 1976 in Toronto out of Canada Post “Terminal A”. Stephen Charles Peter Christopher traveled across Canada from Toronto to B.C., all over Ontario, hitchhiking everywhere and making friends and lovers along the way. He always felt this pull to go Up North. He loved camping and campfires and no one could put together a campsite like him. He listened to CBC Radio much of his life. If you are thinking of the Canadian tv show ‘The Littlest Hobo’ right now, you met this man somewhere along the long road. He enjoyed building things and fixing stuff, always working with his tools. He loved movies and music, astronomy and looking up at the moon. He was interested in history, computers, explorers and the past. He was a Trekkie and a Doctor Who fan. With his sidekick, he enjoyed going to miniature shows, re-enactments of the war of 1812, day tripping, museums and seeing plays at Stratford Theatre, Grand Theatre and Huron Country Playhouse. For several years he was an Orangeman and became a Royal Black Knight. He loved to cook big meals for people and fed any stray that came around. He loved women (even the ones who took advantage of him) but was fortunate to make the best of friendships with people that lasted his entire life (Laurel, Bev and Sammie Mary Lou Horan in particular) among so many others that are too many to list but you know who you are. There is so much more to who the man Stephen Charles Pullin was that can’t be written here. Each story someone has, every connection, every memory of his life is something special. Those who knew him throughout his life know he was a man of many stories. He was through and through a Storyteller. Like the film ‘Big Fish’, you’d be surprised to learn how much of them were true. Condolences, memories and respects can be sent to Amber Dawn Pullin and more information can be found at – thank you.

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