Press Release

June 20, 2022 by Marie Williams

Van Heck Funeral Home downsizing but ready to serve.

The Van Heck Funeral Home is downsizing. Understandably, the term has prompted some confusion but, be assured, the business remains open and ready to serve the public.
By no means does the downsizing reflect a change in the arrangement or pre-arrangement services offered at the Van Heck Funeral Home. Instead, it comes as a result of the sale of the building that has housed the funeral home in Alvinston. 
Having recently marked his 40th year as a licensed funeral director, Alex Van Heck stresses, “Although the building in Alvinston is gone, the business is still available to service the community through the Glencoe location.”  Alex has no plans of retirement yet.
Of course, the history of the funeral home in Alvinston dates much further back.  In 1922 J.N. Black bought the funeral business in Alvinston and operated it until 1964 when J.B. Gough and Sons  of Glencoe purchased the business which was managed by Douglas Campbell for many years. As was the norm at the time, the business also included a furniture store and ambulance service. In the early 1970’s the Gough and Black businesses were acquired by the Arn family. A Glencoe native, Van Heck returned to his hometown to work with the Arn family in 1990. In 1992, he became a partner and, in 2001, became owner of the operations in both Glencoe and Alvinston. 
As a result of the downsizing, some contents of the Alvinston building are being augmented by other fine furnishings, antiques and collectibles at a live auction that will be held at the Glencoe Curling Arena on June 25.