Pre-Arrangement Information

Living requires planning, and so does dying. Probably the worst time to resolve all the things that need to be settled after someone dies is after someone dies.


This section of our website is here to offer you some basic information on planning ahead for the death of yourself or a loved one. For more information and that which is personalized to you please call for an appointment today, 519-287-2831.

Planning Ahead

  • Guaranteed Against Inflation
  • Save your family the burden of making decisions
  • Affordable, Flexible payment choices

For Those You Love

You can have peace of mind by making your own arrangements now; rather than leaving your loved ones to arrange things alone, at possibly the worst time in their life. Others will be relieved knowing you have expressed your wishes. There is nothing that can take away the pain of their loss, but planning ahead will ease the burden.

Financial Responsibility

You can eliminate the concerns of paying the uncertain costs of a funeral today. Funding your arrangements now will protect your family from the rising costs. Our funding options will guarantee against future inflation. You can have the benefits of today’s lower prices.

Payment Options

When a death occurs, many families are unprepared for the full cost of a funeral. By planning now, you can choose from a variety of payment options, including simple monthly payments or plans that are paid in full. Your Funeral Director is the best person to help you select a plan that suits your budget.

Vital Information

We will help you record everything your Executor or your next of kin will need to know to carry out your wishes. Recording information such as the location of insurance policies, names, addresses and phone numbers of important contact people, funeral information and the location of your will is highly important.

Overcoming Grief

A funeral service provides a special place for family and friends to pay tribute to someone they love. It provides for the final care of our loved ones. Facing the reality of death is an important step in making a remarkable difference in adjusting to the loss.